emPowering the Artificial Lift Industry

CanLift manufactures industry leading Artificial Lift equipment to meet the needs of global oil & gas producers.

Prevent ESP failure in sand-producing wells.

View Downhole De-Sanding Tools

Downhole De-Sanding Tools

Control production rates for optimal efficiency and prolong system life

View Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency Drivers (VFD)

Protect the electrical integrity of your artificial lift system

View IEEE Harmonic & Sinewave Filters

IEEE Harmonic Filter & Sinewave Filters

Multi-tap step-up transformers boost the voltage in deep well production

View Boost Voltage

Boost Voltage

Wellhead feedthrus safely feed power to your submersible motor

View ESP Feedthru

ESP Feedthru

Submersible, multi-stage, pumps that contend with high volume and high pressure applications

View Multistage & Multiphase Pump

Multistage & Multiphase Pump

Protect your submersible cable and MLE from damage during deployment and retrieval.

View Clamps & Protectors

Clamps & Protectors

Downhole monitoring systems deliverable crucial data including pressure and temperature to optimize the production rates of submersible pumps.

View Downhole Gauges – Temperature & Pressure

Downhole Gauges

We have developed a high-output system for remote and harsh environments using quality components and expertise. Our Solar Pump System delivers the best features, benefits, and reliability all in one package

View Solar Products

Solar Products