Multistage & Multiphase Pumps

Unconventional Multi-Phase ESP

The Multiphase Pump was explicitly created to provide extreme reliability in harsh environments where centrifugal and PCP pumps are employed, but often fail.

Our pumps can help resolve production problems in wells that have the following issues:

  • High sand concentration
  • Rapid depletion rate
  • Heavy oil, low API crude
  • High volume gas production
  • High temperature

Conventional Submersible Pump & Motor

ESP and ESPCP systems provide artificial lift for gas well dewatering, coal bed methane, oil wells and water source wells. Whether vertical or horizontal drill, we supply downhole solutions that work.

Benefits of the Product

  • Can operate and connect to most OEM seal/protector
  • Set configurations for easy assembly complete with intake and discharge
  • Wide operating range for dynamic well conditions
  • No sand filter required
  • No gas separator required

Features of the Product

  • Premium thread connections (industry standard for connection)
  • High pressure housings
  • Ni-resist rotor and stator (industry standard)
  • 1” shaft in 500-K Monel and Inconel
  • Tungsten thrust bearings